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Playing Cards

Packs Of Bespoke Digital Playing Cards.

£ 18.66 Turnaround: 14 working days Plus VAT

Fun, Handy Size, Long-life just three ways to describe the Blaby Print playing Cards, they can be used as an excellent promotional product or maybe just one pack as a present for someone special.

The unique production system we use means we can produce as little as one pack of Playing Cards (Digital). The packs can be printed with each pack the same (Branded) or different (Personalised).

We print standard poker card size (3.5" x "2.5 or 89mm x 63mm) containing 54 cards per pack. The cards are made from 305gm Metalised Core Playing Card Board which is fully compliant with worldwide gaming authority standards and are finished with High Slip Sealer.

Blaby print can supply Playing Cards Branded or Personalised on one side (the reverse being the suits of a standard set of playing cards). Alternatively Playing Cards can be Fully Branded or Personalised on both sides, giving a great scope for an entirely new game.
Our Playing cards are supplied in a standard Non Printed white box but we also offer Personalised or Branded Boxes.
  • 'Double Sided' cards are personalised both sides.